United We Stand

Ranks of the Army

Below are Specialty Insignias that are worn to
to indicate type of service given.



Adjutant General Air Defense Artillery Armor Tank and Armor (Obsolete)
Aviation Army Security (Obsolete) Army Band Cavalry
Christian Chaplain Jewish Chaplain Buddhist Chaplain Muslim Chaplain
Chaplain Assistant Chemical Civil Affairs Coast Artillery (Obsolete)
Corps of Engineers Field Artillery Finance General Staff
Immaterial & Command Sergeant Major Infantry Inspector General Insular Affairs (Obsolete)
Judge Advocate General's Corps Medical Corps Dental Corps Veterinary Corps
Medical Service Nurses Corps Medical Specialty Corps Military Intelligence
Military Intelligence (Obsolete) Military Police Corps National Guard Bureau Ordnance Corps
Psychological Operations Corps Public Affairs Quartermaster Corps Signal Corps
Special Forces Staff Specialist USAR/ARNG Transportation Warrant Officer
Women's Army Corps (Obsolete) Aide, President of the United States Aide, General Officers Aide, General of the Army
Aide, Secretary of the Army Aide, Chief of Staff, Army Aide, Secretary of Defense Aide, Joint Chiefs of Staff




Combat Infantryman Expert Infantryman Combat Medical Expert Medical
Aviator Aviation Flight Surgeon Astronaut
Air Assault Diver Explosive Ordnance Glider
Parachutist Rigger Pathfinder Nuclear
Weapon Qualification Driver & Mechanic Ranger Special Forces
Office of the Secretary of Defense Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Staff Reserve Recruiter (Obsolete)
Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Recruiter Career Counselor





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