United We Stand

Attention on deck!

Welcome to The Admiral's home page.  On this site you'll be able to find
out who The Admiral is and a bit of what makes him tick.

The Admiral spends quite a bit of time on a few different websites.
Pogo and WikiMapia.

Pogo is a great site where a lot of fun games can be played.
Plus you get the chance to win real money and prizes.

WikiMapia is a fun website where you can identify what different
things are on a map of the world.  It uses Google maps info and
lets you tag and state what the different buildings and such are.

You can view my own page at each location by clicking 
the appropriate link below:

Pogo        WikiMapia

Below are a few options for you.  From studying his Bio, getting some
general info about the U.S. Military to paying respect to the 
people who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks.
Just click on the appropriate link below.

The Admiral's BIO Military Ranks Salute the Flag Remember 9/11/01

   Contact the Admiral by clicking the shoulder board below:

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