United We Stand

The Admiral's Bio

The Admiral's fleet is based in Orange County, California in
the great
U S of A.

The Admiral is proud to be an American and is ever
willing to defend her with his life!

The Admiral is white. 5'10".  Brown/Green.  Medium build.
Pretty much an average guy.  :-)

The Admiral enjoys walks along the beach at night as well quiet dinners and casual walks through the mountains.

He also finds enjoyment in a quiet night at home curled up next
to the fireplace with a good book.

He's been an avid aviation enthusiast since he could first form a
coherent thought.  When he's not soaring through the
real-world skies, he can usually be found  either watching
or reading about aviation.

The Admiral attends local air shows and can be found in the priority seating area at MCAS Miramar during the show.

The Admiral is single and is without children.

The Admiral goes to the movies 2-4 times per month (as duties allow)
and has a DVD/VHS collection numbering in the thousands.

The Admiral collects Key Chains and blinking/revolving lights.
His dream item is a quad-beam beacon with a red filter that is
wired and ready for a 110v outlet.  If you have one you want
to get rid of...Please use the contact page at the bottom.  Thank you.

The Admiral can frequently be found in Pogo and uses the
login "TheAdmiralUSN"

The Admiral can also frequently be found on WikiMapia and
uses the login "TheAdmiral"

What does the Admiral look for in a friend: Somebody who is
real.  Who has a genuine sense of humour that can match
his wit tit for tat.  Somebody who is somewhat old fashioned.

Some of The Admiral's favorites are......

Colours: Royal-Blue, Red & Cobalt Blue
Authors: J.K. Rowling & James Herriot
Foods: Manicotti, Filet Mignon &
Garlic Shrimp
Vacation Spot: Catalina Island or San Francisco
Cars: Lexus & Hummer (Of course)
TV Shows: Drama - Flashpoint, CSI: Las Vegas, CSI: Miami & Criminal Minds.

Military - JAG, NCIS & The Unit

Comedy - Johnny Carson, M*A*S*H, Two and a Half Men & Home Improvement

Reality - Big Brother, Mythbusters, Little People Big World, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, Solitary and American Idol.

Sci-Fi - All Discovery Channels & Star Trek: TNG & Voyager

Movies: Drama - DAD & JFK

Military - Full Metal Jacket, Rules of Engagement & The Last Castle

Comedy - Big Daddy, Jeffrey & My Fellow Americans

Horror - Halloween, Jeepers Creepers & Final Destination

Sci-Fi - Harry Potter & Star Trek

Yes. The Admiral would love to get an email from you.
Simply click HERE.