United We Stand

Ranks of the Air Force

Below are Specialty Insignias that are worn to
to indicate type of service given.



Acquisition & Financial Management Acquisition & Financial Management Senior Level Acquisition & Financial Management Master Level Air Battle Management
Air Battle Management Senior Level Air Battle Management Master Level Air Traffic Control Air Traffic Control Senior Level
Air Traffic Control Master Level Astronaut Band Band Senior Level
Band Master Level Biomedical Sciences Corps Biomedical Sciences Corps Senior Level Biomedical Sciences Corps Master Level
Buddhist Chaplain Chaplain Service Support Christian Chaplain Civil Engineering
Command & Control Command & Control Senior Level Command & Control Master Level Communications & Information
Communications & Information Senior Level Communications & Information Master Level Dental Corps Dental Corps Senior Level
Dental Corps Master Level Enlisted Aircrew Enlisted Aircrew Senior Level Enlisted Aircrew Master Level
Enlisted Medical Enlisted Medical Senior Level Enlisted Medical Master Level EOD
Flight Nurse Flight Nurse Senior Level Flight Nurse Master Level Flight Surgeon
Flight Surgeon Senior Level Flight Surgeon Master Level Force Protection Force Protection Senior Level
Force Protection Master Level Historian Information Management Information Management Senior Level
Information Management Master Level Intelligence Intelligence Senior Level Intelligence Master Level
Jewish Chaplain Judge Advocate Logistics Plans Logistics Plans Senior Level
Logistics Plans Master Level Maintenance Maintenance Senior Level Maintenance Master Level
Manpower & Personnel Manpower & Personnel Senior Level Manpower & Personnel Master Level Medical Corps
Medical Corps Senior Level Medical Corps Master Level Medical Service Corps Medical Service Corps Senior Level
Medical Service Corps Master Level Meteorologist Meteorologist Senior Level Meteorologist Master Level
Missile Missile Senior Level Missile Master Level Missile with Ops Designator
Missile with Ops Designator Senior Level Missile with Ops Designator Master Level Muslim Chaplain Navigator/Observer
Navigator/Observer Senior Level Navigator/Observer Master Level Nurse Corps Nurse Corps Senior Level
Nurse Corps Master Level Officer Aircrew Member Officer Aircrew Member Senior Level Officer Aircrew Member Master Level
Operations Support Parachutist Paralegal Pilot
Pilot Senior Level Pilot Master Level Public Affairs Public Affairs Senior Level
Public Affairs Master Level Security Police Services Services Senior Level
Services Master Level Space/Missile Space/Missile Senior Level Space/Missile Master Level
Supply/Fuels Supply/Fuels Senior Level Supply/Fuels Master Level Transportation
Transportation Senior Level Transportation Master Level Weapons Director Weapons Director Senior Level
Weapons Director Master Level


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